Safety Tax Free and Union Pay are working together with our German partner stores to provide you huge benefits during the 2017 Spring Festival. From January 22nd to February 4th, you just need to pay and get your tax refund using your Union Pay card in one of our partner stores, to save up to 20%! During this promotional event you will save 10% by using your Union Pay card, and another 10% by obtaining your tax refund (requests made through eh Safety tax Free app, basic tax refund rates apply).

Partner stores participating in the 2017 Spring Festival activity:

  • Liwu’s Stuttgart
  • Charlotten Sop
  • David Tax Free Shop
  • MIG
  • My Time
  • Metropolotan Pharmacy
  • Ornée

If you are travelling abroad during the Spring Festival of course you need to shop, shop and shop more! Say bye to the old and tedious tax refund processes and hand written forms, Safety Tax Free makes tax refund easy and smooth. How do you use Safety Tax Free? 1. Open the Safety Tax Free App or enter the WeChat public account and scan your passport to register your details.


  1. Use your Union Pay card in our partner stores and show the staff your QR-code, the merchant will scan it to generate a tax refund form and you will just need to attach the receipt to the form.


  1. When you are leaving Europe, show your purchase to the customs authority at the airport and obtain the official stamp of validation. You do not need to queue again at the airport and waste time to obtain your cash refund. Once you are back in China just call the number on the envelope.


  1. Give the envelope with your tax refund form and the original receipt to our delivery partner choosing the express next-day delivery. Once we have confirmed your request, you will receive your refund in 1-3 days directly on your Safety Tax Free wallet, and you will be able to withdraw the amount on your Union Pay card anytime.


Terms and Conditions: 1) the participants must be eligible for a tax refund in Europe, use their Union Pay card (card beginning with the digits “62”) to pay and request their refund. 2) The minimum amount to request a refund is 25 EUR. 3) Every user can request a refund in each partner store only once during the promotion. 4) The promotion runs from January 22nd to February 4th 2017. 5) Should any participant breach the promotion’s conditions, the organizers have the right to cancel any refund request and, should the situation require it, proceed with the necessary legal charges. 6) In case of force majeure, should the promotion not be able to continue or any reasons, the organizers have the legal right to modify or interrupt the promotion. 7) Safety Tax Free has the final legal responsibility on the promotion activity.

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