Safety Tax Free

Safe – Easy – Quick
The new online tax refund that makes shopping in the EU easy.

Why you should choose us?

Safety Tax Free saves you the hassle of the traditional hand written tax refund forms providing you with the most convenient way of tax refund available.

High tax rate

Using an online procedure to process each tax form, we have cut down all the unnecessary costs, therefore our users can enjoy higher tax refund rates than those provided by the traditional methods.

Convenient and fast

No need to fill in each tax refund form by hand, no need to queue at the airport to receive cash, we will accompany you step by step to make your travel more relaxed.

Refunds in RMB

Making use of our cooperation with Union Pay, exchange rates are guaranteed. The exchange rate is applied on the day you activate the refund and the amount will be issued in RMB to your account.

Transparent tracking of refunds

Every receipt will be saved in your mobile phone, you can check anytime how much you bought and how much refund you will receive and you will never lose track of your refunds again.

Chinese customer service

24 hours Chinese speaking customer service to eliminate the obstacles of getting in touch and communicating with your tax refund agency.

Shopping navigation

Built-in local shopping LBS guide, equipped with destination information, shops’ assortment and pictures, will let you find your desired shop in the fastest way possible.

How to use the App?

Whether you are already a tax refund expert or it is your first time travelling abroad, the simple design of Safety Tax Free will help you get your refund in only three steps.

1. Download the App

Get your App from any App store for free, scan your passport to complete the registration.

2. Use the Safety Tax Free form

When shopping, you will get your personalized tax refund form from the shop or your tour guide directly. No need to fill out anything by hand!

3. Stamp and submit the documents

You do not need to queue at the airport to receive your cash, just hand it over to our delivery partner when back home.

The tax refund App for Chinese Tourists

Online, anytime, real-time: Tax refund can be that easy!

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