About Us

Safety Tax Free is an innovative method to claim your VAT for your overseas shopping in Europe. Thanks to our collaboration with Union Pay and WeChat we have become a trusted partner of global shoppers and we can guarantee the highest standard of service and transparency.

High tax refund rate

Through digitalization we have cut down all the unnecessary costs to provide you better tax refund rates than traditional companies.

Chinese customer service

Take advantage of our Chinese speaking customer service and eliminate the obstacles of getting in touch and communicating with your tax refund agency.

Transparent tracking of refunds

Every receipt will be saved in your app, you can check its status and the refund amount anytime.

Refund in your currency

Making use of our cooperation with Union Pay, exchange rates are guaranteed. The exchange rate is applied on the day after you activate the refund and the amount will be issued in your local currency.

Convenient and Fast

With us, there is no need to fill in tax refund forms by hand or to queue at the airport for cash refund. Enjoy travelling until the last second and let your forms be picked up when back home.

Shopping navigation

Our interactive shopping map allows you to browse our destinations, shops’ assortment and pictures, to find your desired product in the fastest way possible.


How to get your tax refund?

Follow four easy steps to receive your tax refund:

1. Use safety tax free forms while shopping.

2. Get the custom stamps at the airport.

3. Send us your forms and original receipts.

4. Receive tax refund!

Learn More

WeChat Mini-Program

The Safety Tax Free WeChat Mini-Program will allow you to take full control of your tax refund directly from your WeChat private account. An innovative and practical way to enjoy all the benefits of our application from the comfort and security of a platform you are already familiar with.

Browse Stores

Navigate our integrated shopping map to find your favourite stores and coupons

Tax Refund Calculator

Calculate your tax refund amount while shopping, plan and manage your payment simultaneously

Manage/Track your Forms

Keep updated with your refund status at all times, never lose track of your refund claim

Find Customs

Take advantage of our customs office locator and easily find customs desks in any EU airport


Our Brands

Shop with our partners and ask for our forms directly at the check-out