Big Data Analysis

Big Data Analysis

Our Android-based POS terminal is able to collect an incredible amount of data: number of transactions per day, categories of products, seasonal trends, nationalities of your customers, group age and much more. With one simple device, a whole new world of opportunities will be available to you and you will be able to understand your customers in a much deeper way. Navigating such amounts of data can cause headaches, especially if you do not know from where to start, that’s why we can develop customised analysis and reports to highlight the most important trends for your business.

By knowing exactly who your customers are you will be prepared to target them with personalised marketing campaigns that really interest them and catch their attention, you will be well prepared for seasonal peaks and periodic downs, you will know what types of products to expose on your window and which ones will be better to suggest once your customers have entered your store, you will know on what types of advertisements you should invest your money and what campaigns may just be another waste of your earnings.


Big Data has become an indispensable tool for small, medium and large retail stores who intend to understand the behaviours of their clients and who wish to make sense of the huge mass of data available these days at our fingertips. Understanding and predicting consumers behaviours sounds like fiction, but has become the secret weapon to beat competitors. Big Data has enabled us to see the big picture when this seems impossible to comprehend and tailor our strategies to suit the most unpredictable businesses.

Still not convinced? Let’s make an example. Imagine that during the Chinese New Year celebrations your brick-and-mortar store witnesses a huge increase in sales due to groups of Chinese tourists visiting your city. This may overwhelm you the first time, but year after year you will be more prepared to welcome them in the best way possible. How much would it be worth to you to know exactly from which part of this massive country there are coming from? Would you spend thousands of euros advertising your business in Shanghai if you knew that more than 80% of your customers come from Beijing? Probably not. That’s why leveraging Big Data is a tool you should not underestimate to increase your sales and improve your personal relationship with your customers.

By joining the Safety Tax Free network of stores you will benefit from monthly, quarterly or on-demand analysis reports that will help you make smarter decisions and be prepared for the waives of outbound Chinese tourists who are predicted to fill European cities in the coming years. For more information on how to become our partner click here.