Airport services

Get your refund before departure

If you’re leaving the EU from Munich International Airport, you have the possibility to submit your stamped tax free forms and receipts to our airport service desk at Terminal 2. Our Chinese native-speaker customer care agents will confirm the VAT amount you are entitled to receive and can refund you right away through a WeChat instant transaction. If any of the documents you submit do not comply with the tax free regulations, we will be happy to assist you in any of your needs and can direct you to the nearest custom officers who can help you fix any irregularities. If you prefer to receive your refund on your Union Pay card you can choose to submit your requests at Munich International Airport or bring them back to your home country where our delivery partner will collect them for you at no extra charge. Our service desk is located close to the departure area at Terminal 2, inside the Metropolitan Pharmacy. Have a look at the map below to locate our service desk and submit your tax free forms before your departure.